Our Story

Welcome to Ann Speight!  For as long as I can remember, my mother and grandmothers found joy in bringing people together.  They loved to celebrate the little moments in life and made us feel special.  As an adult, I realized this was a trait passed down to me. I believe opportunities to celebrate reveal themselves if you’re open to it. Something as simple as a seasonal napkin can turn an ordinary lunch with a friend into a festive afternoon. 

I created Ann Speight to make parties and everyday celebrations elegant and effortless.  When you’re shopping with us, you don’t have to run to multiple stores, stress over finding paper products and decor, or wonder if everything will come together well.  We do the hard work for you by finding the best brands out there and putting them together in one place.  When you shop Ann Speight, you’ll find collections that are perfectly-paired, beautiful, unique, festive, and high quality.  

We are a small, minority, female-owned business located in charming Alexandria, Virginia, a perfect location for inspiration. In addition to party supplies, we offer tips, checklists, and templates to help you plan your ideal gathering.  Life itself is a celebration, and each day brings something new. Go out and celebrate in style!